Task 12 — End of the Year — Deck the Halls

A few last words for the end of the year !!

I am slowly getting around to commenting on sites and handing out merits !!! Bare with me — there are about 90 blogs to check !!

This last post for the year has a number of parts. You may make them as seperate entries if you wish.

1) Dance & Drama Night — A Review

Did you attend ? Did you perform? What did you see? What did you do? What did you think? What would you like to see in future? Was it what you expected? and don’t forget the usual WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW< WHY component of your entry.

2) The Year in Review.

What has happenined this year to change you, your friends, the world as we know it ? Have a think, do some research amd write a comment on 2006 as it has been for you.

3) “To infinity and beyond !”

What does 2007 hold for you? What are your goals (both school and personally), your hopes, your dreams?

4) Christmas Already !!

               a) Christmas has lost it’s true meaning and is just an excuse for greedy commercialism. Discuss.

              b) “Tis the season to be Jolly”. The true meaning of Christmas is…….


Task 11 — Catch Up Time

This lesson is for inclass catch up — if you have not completed bits of the last 10 tasks please use this time to get yourself upto date before I do the marking of the blogs !!!

 If you are up to date — you may have a “free” choice of writing topics or may explore other areas on the intranet webpages. No game playing unless it is off one of the pages on our school intranet and no emailing unless for school related reasons !!!!

Task 10

Hi all — hope you had a great holiday !!

Your first task for this term is to choose one event from your holiday and retell it as if you observed it rather than were part of it !!! Try to choose one thing only and not a string of events leading up to the thing you want to write about !!

Aim to write about 2-300 words.

I am still getting round to reading and commenting on everyones blogs but I will get there.

Also, this is the scale/criteria I will be using as part of your end of term assessment — we have  discussed this in class but here is a guide to the marks you will recieve. Please ensure all work is completed by the end of Week 3 and I will endeavour to comment on everyones blogs as soon as I can.

If you are having trouble with your blogs do the work in your journal and make sure you show it to me before the end of Week 3.


A 10 Has completed all tasks, and may or may not have done extra work such as decorations or extra writing. Has good sentences structure and vocabulary, shows evidence of research, and explores topics in depth.
B 8 Has completed most tasks, although may be missing some, entires are generally short but some show more indepth discussion.
C 5 Has not completed many tasks but those compeletd are indepth and well written. Majority of completed tasks are not indepth.
D 2 Little or no attempt to complete tasks either at school or home. May have started blog but it is empty.

Task 9

Thanks to all those who have finished the Princess Bride Task and messaged me either by email or this site that your blogs are ready to look at !!

I will get to look at those ASAP — in the meantime……

If you haven’t completed the work DO SO NOW !!!! Please !

If you have….review the page  We Are Being Watched  on Technology in the Classroom, as well as the pages on GUidleines, and Commenting. Then….choose a topic from the Writing Ideas page here and complete it.

(We are doing poetry — why not try the magnetic poetry page.)

Task 8 — “The Princess Bride” Pt2

Please complete Task 7 then go on to complete the set assessment task for “THE PRINCESS BRIDE” :

The Princess Bride is described as: “….not just your basic average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fairytale….”

What type of story do you think the “The Princess Bride” is? (300 words)

In your answer you should talk about the concept of a fairy tale, typical fairytale genre, differences of the film to a traditional fairytale, and the use of humour, as well as what it is that makes this story worth watching.

You will recieve a mark that is seperate from your blog mark for this.

Task 7 — The Princess Bride

In class we have been studying The Princess Bride — as a film, and as a story.

Using the notes from your Viewers Journal, and the questions we have begun looking at write an appraisal of the film so far…..

You should include in your writing an overview of the story, film techniques used, questions abut the construction of the story, and comments about the actions of the characters within the story !!

Task 6 — Senior Dance & Drama Night + Art Exhibit

Thanks to those people who have completed their blogging – those of you that are behind I will catch up with you soon !!

Please be patient with me commenting — the last 2 weeks have been very busy with International Day, & the Art Exhibit which Dance & Drama combined this year with the Senior Performance Night.


A review of the Matinee Performance — who, what, when, where, how why –what did you see, what did you learn, what did you think, what confused you etc….




Task 5 — 20th July 2005

Welcome Back All !!

I hope you all had a great holiday, and are ready to start the new term with lots of gusto !! (That means enthusiasm !!)

I am still waiting on a number of people to email me their blog url’s and say they have completed all their tasks !!

Lucky for some of you I have been flat out with International Day and have not had time to check everyone’s blogs. To those waiting for my comment — please be patient — grownup lives are even more hectic than young students live sometimes !!

Letters and detentions for those who are not up to scratch will be happening soon — so take advantage of yet another extension and get to work before it is too late to avoid the necessary !!!


International Day — what was it, what  happened, what was good (or not so good) about it, what activities were there, who was involved etc…..

Write a newspaper style article about the day.

Aim to write 150-200 words.


Writing Task 4 — 30/6/06

Last task for this term — due Week 1 Term 3fairy-dust.gif

Thanks to Ms Staudy for her great work with all of you on “A Midsummers Nights Dream” — you all looked like you were having lots of fun, and I can see some of you will be great actors next year !!!

This weeks task is:

Imagine you are Lysander or Hermia from “A Midsummers Nights Dream”. Write a letter of no more than 150 words based on one of the following scenarios.

a) Hermia writes a letter to her father explaining why she is going to run away with Lysander.

b) Lysander writes a letter to his aunt to tell her he is bringing Hermia to her house to get married.


Writing Task 3 — 22/06/06

A new week, a new task.

Thank you to those have completed the set work and emailed me to let me know. I should by now have commented on your 1st 2 blog posts.

Please make sure that you have completed the correct task for Task 2 — that is the task we wrote in our journal about giving the speech not the creative task from “Two Weeks with the Queen.”

I am still waiting for some of you to email me your blog url’s and let me know you have finished the tasks set — if this is you please do so immediately or I will be forced to send letters home about non-completion of tasks !!!


Australia is a sporting nation — we live,and breathe sport.

Choose one of the following as the basis for a piece of writing:

1) Sportsmen & women have a responsibility to their counrty and their fans to behave in appropriate manner.

Discuss the behaviour of sports people, there obligations to their fans and their country. Use examples from news and current affairs — cricketers, soccer players, footballers. How do their on and off field behaviour reflect on them, their sport, and out nation.

2) This Sporting Nation: We as Australians are sports mad.

What do you think this means, what does it say about our culture, what is the tradition of sport in this country, what if you aren’t a sports freak??? Are there any examples of Aussies being sports mad ?? Recently ??? or in the past ???

3) The day we won (or lost)  the biggest match in the world. 

What sport was it, where were you, what were you doing, did you see the match or only hear about it, if you were there — what was it like — how did it smell, sound, and feel.